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When to Use Dog Waste Bags?

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We went out to enjoy our special bonding time with our beloved pets and get some fresh air and exercise too. Being a responsible dog owner, when we walk on the street or sidewalk or play in the park, we should ready with our dog waste bags. So when do we use it?

Of course, one clear answer is "always". Even if we are "off the track" or on a road or ditch, where no one else is walking then also we should carry these bags. There are many e-commerce websites that sell pet waste disposable bags. You can refer to this source: dog waste bags bulk or dog pooper scooper with bag attached if you want to buy pet waste management products.

It is true that by using these bags we might have eliminated the possibility of another good soul stepping in our pet's poop. However, dog poop will continue to do damage. As it swept through our streets and gutters, it continued into our waters – our streams, rivers, lakes and our beaches.

Research conducted in the last few years shows that dog droppings ranks third on the list of contributors to bacteria in our contaminated waters. Another study, using DNA fingerprint variants, has proven that dog droppings contribute 30% of pollution in rivers. As a microbiologist commented, "that could be the difference between beach closure and unclosed beach."

If we walk through a park far from the nearest waters, we must remain vigilant against damage caused by dog feces due to its high nitrogen content. Dog droppings are not fertilizer so using a dog poop bag to collect dog poop will protect the grass in our lawn, our community park and our dog park.

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