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What To Look Out For In A Home Theater Design

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Almost all people dream of having a home theater in their home, who does not want to skip the long lines in cinema and just enjoy a peaceful movie night. If you decided to have a theater in your very own home, you would need to make a design for that. You can also hire a home theater design in Massapequa to do it for you.

There are tons of things that needs to be considered before you start building. It is important that you plan everything out, do your research like what television and sound systems are currently available in the market today, along with decorations that can enhance viewing experience. Here are things to look out for to make sure that you have the perfect cinema.

Room size. The first you must do is choose which part of the house should be converted into a cinema. Choose a room that has little to no windows. You would not want light to come in and disrupt your viewing experience during a movie. The best place to convert would be your basement, the size of the room is ideal, rewiring can be easily done, and this has little to no windows.

Ceiling height. Rooms that have high ceilings are excellent, but you can still set this up in a low ceiling room like your basement. What you need to have inside is an LCD and LED TV, DVD player, surround sound system, cable, and internet connection. Before spending your money in a high quality AVR, make sure you compare prices from different brands first before making a decision.

Soundproofing. Soundproofing the room is vital if you do not want to hear cars passing by outside, people screaming and shouting, dogs barking, neighbors complaining about the noise, and to avoid waking up your children. To soundproof a room, acoustic panels are installed so that noises are block out. You may also make use of drywall as an alternative.

Distance of the screen. How great is your viewing experience going to be depends on the distance of your TV from the seat. When the plasma is too far, you would need to squint those eyes of yours and not be able to see the fine picture. When it is too close, pixels can be seen on the screen as well.

According to a rule, the distance of your screen must be diagonally 1.5 times to 2 times the screen width. Meaning, if the TV is 48 inches, the ideal distance to place the seats would be not twice the size of your screen. Keep in mind that the screen display must have the same level with your eyes, not too high and not too low.

Lighting. As mentioned earlier, there should be no glass inside the theater as this reflects light and sound. Even when you are tempted to put a fancy frame inside, control yourself, never do it or else you will hear dialogues echoing throughout the movie. If the room have windows, black out the windows completely. You can also use drapes and curtains, but blacking out is a better solution.

Comfortable seating. The best part of watching movies from a large screen is being able to see from a cozy recliner. You might want to invest in a recliner seat that has a cup holder, some storage space, and offers you a 360 degree view. These seats might cost hundreds of dollars, but investing into one, even just a six seater recliner will make your whole experience better.

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