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What are the most important things when hiring a Home Inspector?

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Norm Tyler from Sage Inspections on St. Louis, MO said: "I will ask this for several reasons. This will help me decide whether the approach will be similar to mine. Every inspector is a little different; some will detail 500 small problems, while I overlook minor cosmetic things so I can focus on finding the $ 1000 type of problem.

More importantly, if the inspector takes the time to guide me through his approach now, while I am only a prospect – he might take all the time needed to take care of me as a customer”. If you want to know more about Texas real estate inspector then you can explore various online sources.

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This is one of the most popular questions I received from the inspector I spoke to. We all try hard to write reports that explain all problems as clearly as possible, but sometimes things that don't make sense to you. Being able to call or email your inspector with questions after the inspection is very important, especially if you cannot come to the inspection.

Along with this, you may have to ask the inspector about their policies for follow-up inspections. After you negotiate repairs with the seller, make sure you check the repairs. I have done many re-inspections, and I have not found that all repairs have been made.

Sometimes I was given a receipt for repairs that were clearly not tried. You should expect to pay for this re-inspection, so find out what it costs beforehand so that there are no surprises.

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