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Important Tips To Keep Your Vape Device Properly

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For the lower dual coil clearomizers, when the liquid is at a low level of the holes of your atomizers, it is possible that the atomizer can not get enough e-liquid. This can result in a risk of dry burn. Not only is the taste bad, but you could also burn your atomizer. Therefore, make sure the e-juice is not too weak by keeping it frequently filled. Also, be sure not to overfill the tube as this will flood your clearomizer.

Clean your battery terminal often

If you use e-juice, it is advisable to always clean the terminal with a cotton swab to keep it clean. In fact, this will bring an added benefit if you clean the end of the clearomizer in the same way. The procedure can be very effective because it allows the Lithium Ion Vape battery to operate efficiently.

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Store it properly

The air vents on the unit provide the necessary airflow over the coil to keep the vape at a comfortable temperature. They are also very important for your wick to stay soaked with e-liquid. In case you leave it on its side or upside down, your e-liquid could go into these holes and eventually it would leak.

Keep your e-cig in a holster or on a thong

Electronic cigarettes should be kept in a holster to protect their sensitive parts when not in use, while using a lanyard keeps them securely around your neck and prevents them from getting lost.

Do not screw it too hard

If you screw a clearomizer very tightly, it could be damaged. We suggest you screw it firmly with your hands and do not do it too tight.

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